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Introducing Fimlab

Fimlab Laboratories is one of the leading laboratory companies in Finland. Fimlab provides laboratory services, education and research in Pirkanmaa, Central Finland and Tavastia regions.

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010 808 515

Mon–Fri 8–16

014 269 3664

Mon–Fri 10–15

Laboratory sites on map

Select the most suitable Fimlab laboratory site for you. There are nearly 100 of them!

Laboratory sites on map

Customer call service

03 311 74445

Mon–Fri 10–15.30

Advice on laboratory services in Pirkanmaa and Tavastia regions. No bookings, please.

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Fimlab doesn’t charge any extra fees when you make the call to the numbers above.
However, your teleoperator charges the normal calling fees, according to your contract with the teleoperator.